Energy solutions TEC-2 Smokestack Riga, Latvia

Energy solutions TEC-2 Smokestack Riga , Latvia


New Smokestack for the Biggest Power Plant in Latvia

The Riga TEC-2 thermal power station is the largest power plant in Latvia producing heat and electricity with water heating boilers, gas-steam combined-cycle power units that consist of gas and steam turbines, and recovery boilers.

In 2014, UPB Energy delivered and installed a new smokestack for the TEC-2 water heating boilers.


50 m in Height and 4 m in Diameter

The imposing smokestack was custom-designed to connect to three water heating boilers with a combined thermal energy output of 349 MW. Within the project, the existing smoke pipes were rebuilt and connected to the new smokestack.


Foundations Prepared and Smokestack Installed Within a Month

The successful cooperation with the client during the project in combination with the professional knowledge and experience of UPB Energy’s employees allowed the preparation of foundations and installation of the smokestack to be completed within a month.

UPB Energy develops and implements all projects in close cooperation with the client to find the most suitable solution.