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One of the main UPB Energy’s lines of work is manufacturing cogeneration (CHP) and trigeneration modules.

The cogeneration process, which relies on different types of fuel, simultaneously produces thermal and electrical energy. Meanwhile, the trigeneration process also produces cold, which can be used for operating various cooling devices.

Currently, the company designs, manufactures and installs cogeneration modules operated by natural gas, biogas, synthetic gas and petroleum gas, as well as ensures their maintenance to the highest demands.


Efficient Energy Solutions for All Industries

The uses of cogeneration modules are endless. For instance, the produced thermal energy can be used for heating agricultural farms, schools and apartments buildings, as well as in production processes, while the leftover electrical energy can be fed into the shared electrical grid, thus bringing additional income for your business.

Trigeneration modules are widely used in various factories, where the thermal energy is used for heating and in production processes, but the produced cold is used for operating freezers, or cold storages.


Environmentally-Friendly Energy

Cogeneration modules provide an opportunity to produce energy in an environmentally-friendly way. This energy-production process prevents the harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere and significantly reduces heat losses. All of the produced energy is used rationally, taking into account each client’s individual needs and industry specifics.


Standard Modules and Individual Solutions

The specialists of UPB Energy have developed more than 29 types of standard cogeneration plant modules and are continuously working to offer clients innovative individual solutions. In finding the most suitable solutions for the client, we pay attention not only to the technical parameters, but also to the design and casing of the plants, for instance, by developing casings with a high level of soundproofing for installation indoors.

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Functional Control System

When developing each module, special attention is given to the convenience of operation, functionality of the control system and design of the cogeneration plant. The compact control system, which can be used remotely, includes the full set of safety and control features. The cogeneration plants allows the transmission of all technical parameters according to the client’s needs.


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