• Production

    Largest Factory of Cogeneration Modules in the Baltics


The factory of UPB Energy started operating in 2006 at the Industrial Park of Liepaja, Latvia. The company specialises in manufacturing biogas-operated cogeneration plants, as well as designing, developing and implementing sophisticated individual energy solutions.

The Largest Factory of Cogeneration Modules in the Baltics

UPB Energy is electrical power of our standard CHP modules range from 50 – 280 kW, and heat capacity from 75 – 393 kW. The power and heat output for turnkey projects depends on the complexity and preferences of each client.

From Standard Cogeneration Modules to Individual Energy Solutions

Each year, UPB Energy manufactures more than 20 cogeneration modules. Over the years, the specialists of UPB Energy have developed 29 types of standard cogeneration modules and are constantly working on developing even more.

To satisfy the industry’s growing demand for environmentally-friendly energy solutions, the specialists of UPB Energy, in close cooperation with other companies of the UPB Group, develop and manufacture individual energy solutions according to the client’s needs and industry specifics.


UPB Energy keeps a close eye on the level of quality in all stages of manufacturing. Due to the cooperation among engineers across all sectors in the development stage of the project, UPB Energy is able to promptly react to the client’s needs and offer the best financial, technical and environmental solutions to each client.

The fact that the company works with experienced, world-renowned manufacturers, such as the German companies Liebherr and Deutz, is proof of its high manufacturing standards.  At the end of the manufacturing process, each cogeneration module is connected to the factory’s testing station, where it undergoes a throughout inspection before being delivered to the client.