Turnkey projects "Liepājas enerģija" biomass boiler house Liepaja, Latvia

Turnkey projects "Liepājas enerģija" biomass boiler house Liepaja , Latvia

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The Biomass Boiler House Reduces Thermal Energy Costs

The construction of the "Liepājas enerģija"  biomass boiler house was implemented as one of the "Liepājas enerģija" investment projects for sustainable and competitive thermal energy.

Within the project, UPB Energy was responsible for building the biomass boiler house. The new boiler house allows for the efficient use of energy resources, thus reducing thermal energy costs for the citizens of Liepāja by 22% and heat losses, more than twice.


Woodchip-Fuelled Heating Boilers

To supply the city of Liepāja with the necessary amount of thermal energy, UPB Energy equipped the new biomass boiler house with two cutting-edge woodchip-fuelled water heating boilers, each with a heat output of 15 MW, as well as the necessary auxiliary equipment.


Technical information

• 30 MWththermalload
• 2 biomassboilers
• Fuel–Biomass(woodchips)
• Electrostaticprecipitators
• Fluegascondensers


UPB Group’s Tunkey Project

"Liepājas enerģija" biomass boiler house is one of UPB Energy’s turnkey, projects, bringing together several companies of the UPB Group, which took care of the building’s design and the full construction cycle.

The advantage of such projects is shared responsibility for both the designing and construction process. This eliminates any complications that might arise if the project was carried out by several different subcontractors.