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Plauener Str. 163-165
13053 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: (+49) 030/6003167-70

UPB AS GmbH Schweiz
Schlossgasse 4
CH-4142 Münchenstein
Mobile: (+41) 798273639
Phone: (+41) 61 5543185

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Biogas CHP
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Natural gas CHP
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About company
Someone you can rely on

UPB ENERGY - your partner in designing, production and operation of energy technology equipment.

Operating in Germany UPB GmbH and Switzerland UPB AS GmbH we reach our customers and partners all over the Europe.

Employees of UPB ENERGY experts with over 20 years of comprehensive experience in designing, production and servicing of combiened heat and power units. At this point it is a team of competent staff members including engineers, technical personnel and service experts covering about 200 cogeneration stations in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Latvia, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia and USA.


Rely on our service:

Engineering and production of cogeneration stations
• UPB ENERGY offers highly effective compact cogenerations stations directly from the gate of our production unit. Adjustments to the local and technical factors as well as thermal extractions for every unit are available.

Turn-key Projects
• UPB ENERGY produces turn-key cogeneration stations from 50 kW till several MW of electrical power according to customers requirements. Engineering, production, commissioning and service of cogeneration units is based on the quality system developed by UPB ENERGY.

• UPB ENERGY has developed a highly efficient trigeneration system. It is optional with the control system to reach highest possible efficiency of heating, electricity and cooling. The cold is generated by specially to cogeneration station adopted  absorber.

• UPB ENERGY offers additional to production of cogeneration units the financing and management services on attractive terms.

• UPB ENERGY supports you with the maintenance and repairing services of your cogeneration stations.

Product lists
Biogas CHP

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Natural gas CHP
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UPB ENERGY cogeneration stations production unit.
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